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Guido Gamboa: Saturday’s Notes Album

Guido Gamboa: Saturday’s Notes Album


The debut LP by Chicago-based artist Guido Gamboa, Saturday’s Notes is a multi-faceted collection of sonic studies born from a day of studious and diaristic note-taking. The music flows in idiosyncratic segments taking on a form akin to an artist’s sketchbook, constantly crossing and challenging the line between the aesthetically curious and the personally candid. Various influences are apparent as the listener is weaved in and out of hollowed concrète construction zones, beds of frayed and tangled electroacoustics, irreverent noise chambers and catatonic lo-fi tape haunts. At times unsettlingly intense and at others laughably informal, Saturday’s Notes serves as both a rigorous fledgeling artistic statement and an exhaustively introspective “note to self.”

Released 2016 by Chicago-based experimental music label Pentiments.

Vinyl (LP) format with full color labels and download cards.

Limited edition of 200.



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