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Samantha Fickel b. 1992



As technologies evolve, so do we. Our experience of space and time is being shaped in new ways as our digital habits leak into our everyday life. We can’t help but think, act and see the world, through a mediated perspective.


Through my sculptures I attempt to uncover the boundaries where the physical realm meets the digital. The line that once separated the two is becoming harder to see as we incorporate technology deeper into our daily lives. I wonder whether it is possible that we ourselves might be the boundary between these two worlds. Our bodies and minds act as a mediator, moving fluidly between these two places. No longer can we say that the physical world is any more real than our experiences in the digital. The only differences between our existence in these spaces are the effects they have on our senses. Are they amplified? Extended? Dulled? Restricted?  What happens when the human body becomes the interface between these parallel realities?


My work has always been born from a place of curiosity. It demands an explorative direction that is unhindered by conventional perception. My installations question what it means to live in a world where our digital lives are seamlessly interwoven into our everyday realities. Often with simple materials and discarded electronics I work to uncover the engaging qualities embedded in the digital and not so digital objects that commonly surround us.


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