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Stuart & Co. Gallery Representing Kristian Bruce

Stuart & Co. Gallery is pleased to announce the addition of Chicago-based artist, Kristian Bruce, as its newest member.

"The process of painting is irrational and isolating. I push colored, oily dirt around on a piece of linen with animal hair tied to a stick. When painting, I spend so much time away from the world while locked in my little room with high ceilings and falling paint chips that litter the elderly floor. Somehow, as I stand in this space on droplets of wayward paint, I find a way to learn about the world: about myself, others, and nature. There is a physical thought process that chaperones the making of a painting; when I am working by myself in my little room, I run into memories. Records of adventure, humor, sadness, and beauty. I make paintings about my life: about the relations between the objects I perceive in the world and the meaning of those objects, or situations, that I create. Sometimes, these visual recollections are of a specific moment, place, or object; at other times, they are feelings of repeated experiences - an aggregation of habitual practices that might span decades, but seem to compress into a single moment."

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