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Maintaining a contemporary vision, Stuart & Co. Gallery strives to represent emerging and mid-career artists at the forefront of expression.


Since its inception in 2012, Stuart & Co. has been home to innovative, pioneering exhibitions across a multitude of media and genres. The gallery embraces multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary and cross-genre art forms in addition to traditional practices. 


As a gallery that seeks to establish long-term representation for a wide-range of artistic expression, Stuart & Co. champions the importance of art in contemporary culture and purports the validity of artistic assets as sound financial investments for all collectors.


In 2015, the gallery launched Stuart & Co. Artifacts, a dedicated offering of Pre-Columbian works hand-selected from the private collection of long-time art dealer, Bettina Schwimmer. In accordance with Stuart & Co.'s commitment to the significance of fine art in contemporary culture, Stuart & Co. Artifacts presents museum-quality ethnographic arts including sculpture, ceramics, textiles, stoneware, and jewelry.





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