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Leif Brush: Stitching in Process: Windmixed Data Album

Leif Brush: Stitching in Process: Windmixed Data Album


An extensive double LP representing the most comprehensive collection of recorded work to date by the legendarily enigmatic American sound art pioneer Leif Brush. In plumbing the depths of his archives, Pentiments has unearthed and gathered a great breadth of his decades-long sonic research, spanning from his early work as a grad student to various lecture documents from his eventual tenure at UMD, with many curious stops and experiments in between.


“Stitching in Process: Windmixed Data” brings these fragments together with a somewhat new perspective on their trajectory—pieces are reconsidered, refreshed, and given a new sense of continuity, aided additionally by the expert mastering of Giuseppe Ielasi. Most importantly, this release marks the first commercially available compendium of Leif’s greater body of work in his 85 years of life, and for those keen on the early exploration of sound and its potentials, it is a revelation that is long overdue.


Released 2017 by Chicago-based experimental music label Pentiments.

Vinyl (2LP) format with high gloss gatefold sleeve featuring the photo work of Gloria DeFilipps Brush.

Limited edition of 200.



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